Monochoria vaginalis

Common Name : Heart shape false pickerel weed Family : Pontederiaceae Habit: A fleshy, tufted, annual or perennial aquatic herb with a glabrous, shiny appearance; 10-50 cm tall. Stem: A short rhizome. Leaves: Size and shape is highly variable. In young plants without lamina, the leaves are 2-12.5 cm long and 0.5-10 cm wide. In somewhat older plants, the leaves are floating, linear or lanceolate and in still older plants, are ovate-oblong to broadly ovate, sharply acuminate with a heart-shaped or rounded base, shiny, deep-green, and with longitudinal veins. The petioles are soft and hollow. Flowers: Inflorescence is spicate, 3-6 cm long, basally opposite the sheath of the floral leaf with a large bract arising from a thickened bundle on the leaf stalk, about two-thirds of the way up the stalk from the base. The flowers are pedicelled, bisexual, lilac or violet colored. Fruits: Capsule, 1 cm in size, splits between the partitions into three valves. Seeds: Longitudinally ribbed.

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