KISAAN HELPLINE - Transforming Agriculture in India

KISAANHELPLINE™ is a growing start-up in the Agri Tech sector and assists farmers' communities in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their agricultural operations.

We are building AI-enabled technologies to revolutionize farmers to be more connected, integrated, and knowledgeable than ever before and production efficiency in farm management. Currently, we are operating in pan India - with 2,00,000+ farmers in our service network and our goal is to bring our services to 2 million farmers by 2024.

We provide expertized knowledge from quality crop production so that farmers can make Farm Decisions predict what will happen in the future and act more effectively as predicted.

How Did We Start Our Journey?

Farming is becoming less popular among people. Agriculture has been defined as the best profession in our scriptures, but today's environment has created such a situation that farmers i.e., farmers are forced to work as laborers. Let us once again strive for the same level of excellence in agriculture. Farmers are responsible for ensuring the food security of tomorrow. Along with their important role in food distribution, they also provide many other functions that are beneficial to the environment, the economy, and society as a whole.

While working in a software organization, I started blogging about the agricultural problems faced by my family, day-to-day increasing expenses on chemicals, soil threats, yield losses, etc. Then I decided to provide an online platform where farmers could be made aware. Use of various agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides etc. at the right time and right place. While blogging in 2014 I started with a farmer helpline number and converted this helpline number into an online platform “Kisaan Helpline”. Now we also work at the grassroots level through our representatives and outlets. Kisaan Helpline is working for Agricultural Data Processing and Research Center since 2018-19. Our portal has till now introduced outlets, consultants, and soil testing laboratories.

Our Mission/Objective

To assist in the development of agriculture through the use of information technology, the primary goal of India's Best Agriculture Service Provider Website Kisaan Helpline is to distribute and disseminate the information gained through agricultural research knowledge and experiences to the entire farming world.

What Services Do We Provide?

In India, farmers can get assistance in agriculture related issues, such as farm sector advanced agricultural training, etc. Soil testing laboratory and testing, advice and solutions, organic farming guides, information on crops, information on schemes, information on events, these are our services.

Our latest online agriculture e-magazine in India covers everything including information on crops and new varieties, list of mandi's and their pricing, list of agricultural institutes and colleges, list of agricultural science centers and their contact information, agriculture news.

Why Choose Kisaan Helpline?


We provide a convenient service to farmers to get agricultural inputs at their doorstep.


We provide farmers with authentic and quality products from trusted suppliers.

Input Plan

We help farmers understand their fields better by facilitating soil testing and crop nutrition management.

Support and Advice

The aim of the Kisaan Helpline is to reduce information asymmetry by providing advice, weather, and market prices to farmers.


The Kisaan Helpline ensures timely availability of a range of products and also introduces farmers to new product innovations.

Effective Cost

Farmers' farming costs are reduced as the products purchased from the Kisaan helpline are cheaper than the market.

Benefits of Kisaan Helpline Mobile Application

Kisaan Helpline mobile application is a farmer-oriented platform that provides one-stop service. It is a combination of online and offline platforms that works at the village level and provides many facilities to the farmers. We have carved a niche for ourselves by providing smart and conscious farming solutions to over 1.5 lakh farmers across India.

Smart farming and agriculture app for farmers, is a comprehensive and innovative agriculture platform that connects farmers and rural communities across the country and helps them generate higher productivity through effective farm management and their hard work. Our platform is where farmers can discuss their problems and get solutions with expert advice. To download Kisaan Helpline Mobile App, click on the Play Store button below.

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