What We Are

A dedicated/devoted digital platform to improve the farming life of the farmer and empower sustainable agriculture.

India's leading agricultural service provider portals, Kisaan Helpline assists rural communities to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their agricultural operations. We help farmers to be more connected, integrated, and knowledgable than ever before. We give you expertized knowledge from land preparation, seeding/sowing to plant nutrition, protection, and continuing till post harvesting. We are the best Agricultural Service Provider in India, helping you to make decisions on the farm and improve performance, predict what is going to happen in the future and act more effectively as predicted.

Why we are?

Technological farming is being less popular among farmers. Agriculture has been described as the best profession in our scriptures, but today's environment has created a situation where our food producers i.e. farmers are being forced to work as laborers and no profitable output. let once again engageourself in agriculture. Strive for the same level of excellence.

Farmers are responsible for ensuring food security for today and tomorrow. Along with their important role in food distribution, they also provide many other functions that are beneficial to the environment, economy, and society as a whole.

How we are?

While working in a software organization, I started blogging about agriculture issues facing my family, day-to-day increasing expenditure on chemicals, hazards of soil,yield losses etc. Then I decided to provide a platform where farmers can be made aware of the use of various farm inputs like fertilizer, pesticides etc at right time and right place. During blogging in 2014, I started with Kisan Helpline Number and converted this helpline number into an online platform "Kisaan Helpline". We now also work at the grassroots level through our representatives and outlets.

Kisaan Helpline is working for an agricultural data processing and research center since 2018-19. Various ups and downs display attempts to no avail. Our portal has so far introduced outlets, advisory, and soil testing laboratories.

Why Kisaan Helpline?


We provide a convenient way of getting agriculture inputs to the farmers at their doorsteps.


We provide authentic & quality products from reliable suppliers to the farmers.

Input Planning

We help farmer understand their farms better by faciliating soil testing & crop nutrition management.

Support & Advisory

Kisaan Helpline aims to reduce information asymmetry by giving, advisory, weather & mandi price to the farmers.


Kisaan Helpline ensure timely availability of a range of products & also introduce new products innovations to the farmer.

Cost Effective

Farmers cost of production reduces as products bought from Kisaan Helpline are cheaper than the market place.

Kisaan Helpline Mobile Application

Kisaan Helpline Mobile Application is farmer-oriented platform that provides a one-stop service. It is a combination of online as well as offline platforms which is working at the village level and provides many facilities to the farmer. We have carved a niche for ourselves by providing smart and conscious agriculture solutions to over 1.5 lakh farmers across India.

Smart Kheti and Krishi App for Farmers, is a comprehensive and innovative agriculture platform that connects farmers and rural communities across the country and helps them with effective agriculture management and generate high productivity through their hard work. Our platform is where farmers can discuss their problems and get solutions with expert advice.

Achivements & Awards

Krishi Mela  PUSA 2019

Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela – 2019 DELHI

Kisaan Helpline Participate in Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) Krishi Mela Delhi, India