Empowering Sustainable Agriculture in India

To aid in the development of agriculture through the use of information technology, the primary goal of the Kisaan Helpline is to distribute and disseminate information gained through agricultural research, knowledge, and experiences throughout the agricultural world. Our sole aim is to gather all the information on one online platform, reach out to the farmers and make them empowered and aware.

160+ Crops through 25+ Agriculture Experts, Technologies, Crop Protection, Crop Nutrition, Fertilizers, Pest and Disease Management, New Agriculture Training, Krishi Digital Magazine (Agriculture Newspaper), Krishi Fairs (Agri Events), Agriculture News, Government Schemes, Market Rates (Mandi Bhav) Latest kind of knowledge, etc.

Research materials, soil testing, water testing, the latest types of farm equipment and machinery, weather forecasting, consulting, and many other services are included. By using this information our farmers will become a part of "Smart and Digital India". If you also want to become a "Smart Farmer" download and use Kisaan Helpline Mobile Application and get the best farmer services.

Smart Farming App Guide to Farmers for Smart Farming. Farmer’s connectivity with internet (Digital Technology).

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