Kisaan Helpline Guide Information

A Dedicated Digital Platform To Improve Farmers Life and Empowering Sustainable Agriculture.

Kisaan Helpline is a Dedicated Platform where farmers are buying all the Agri Inputs & Services (soil testing & Training) by our Village Level outlets chain system with more than 300 Plus product range and 25 + agro Experts. Farmers are getting Quality products at the village in an easy and fastest way with no RISK.

Kisaan Helpline is founded by a team of avid entrepreneurs in the year 2014. KisaanHelpline is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing wide choice of quality inputs, training services, Soil Testing and many more thing to farmers at their doorstep.

Kisaan Helpline is bringing accessibility of quality agricultural products and personalized advisory by leveraging its Technology offering for farmer empowerment.

What is kisaan helpline(KH) and why it is important for farmers and farming?

"Make your farming better with us, Grow your knowledge, grow yourself by online support of Kisaan helpline"

Kisaan helpline Indias top online agriculture information platform for farmers and agriculture, KH is the very different and attractive online platform for farmers and their support and service. we arranged a very creative version application and website for farmers help and support. Our system is working for farmer’s growth and their benefit, we want to Introduce Kisaan helpline to all farmers. Our goal to provide the best facility and service to the farmers. Kisaan helpline online portal is very additional agriculture news platform for farmers.

kisaan helpline is working from 2012 in the agriculture field.

What is special in KH (kisaan helpline)?

  • Agriculture news- farmers need news related to their field, they also want to know about the value of farming at the present time, for this reason, we daily update news and idea on kisaan helpline portal. farmers can easily read and understand the news so that we publish the news in Hindi and English both language. we are trying to make it for all regional language. our new system is very powerful and informatics for farmers help.
  • Market price (mandi rate)- farmers always want to know about the value of the crop in the market (mandi). they always want the best cost of the crop so we are providing the best option for farmers. In our portal farmers can get the current market price daily basis.
  • Agriculture Training- Kisaan helpline wants to educate farmers. We manage a very attractive platform for farmers. In this section, we are arranging all type of agriculture training program. User can learn all related topic of agriculture field. Farming is a very big field and beneficial, for this reason, we are making a very attractive and suitable program for farmers. They can get accurate information from here.
  • Suggestion and Solution- farmers need to share their problems, issues, queries, and suggestion but they don't know how to raise a question. In this section, farmers can easily raise the question and our expert team will provide the answers to all queries. this is help and support system. farmers can get an accurate solution in under timeline.
  • Farming technique- For the reason of the wrong technique, farmers can't get the crop quality as per expectation, and the reason not able to provide the proper value of the crop. so at kisaan helpline expert team will provide you the best technique for farming. Farmers can easily get proper information related to farming technique. our expert will provide you the best suggestion and learning. they will suggest how to do? and why it is beneficial for farming?
  • Digital magazine- Kisaan helpline also provides a digital magazine section for farmers help and knowledge growth. farmers can follow the strategy of the traditional farming method and after read, our online digital magazine farmers can get a better result in their farming sector. we have a very different collection of very rare magazines. which magazines are not available at any place, online or offline store. farmers can get digital magazine by a very easy process. Digital magazine is very supportive of the farming method. our expert agro scientists also recommend this for the benefit.

Note- India’s most reliable and accurate online support system for farmers, we do not support any fake news related to farming and agriculture, kisaan helpline accuracy is 100%.

We also have a lot of services for farmers support and service please visit us on google play store - kisaan helpline app Kisan Help APP