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“Improve your farming with us, increase your knowledge,
develop yourself with the online help of Kisaan Helpline”

Kisaan Helpline is India's top online agricultural information platform for farmers and agriculture, Kisaan Helpline is a very different and an online engaging platform for farmers and their support and service. We arranged a very creative version application and website to help and support the farmers. Our system is working for the development and benefit of farmers, we want to start kisaan helpline for all the farmers. Our aim is to provide the best facilities and service to the farmers. Kisaan Helpline online portal is very useful agricultural news platform for farmers.

What is Special in Kisaan Helpline?

- Agricultural News: Farmers want news related to their field, they also want to know about the price of farming in present time, we update daily news and views on kisaan helpline portal. We publish news in both Hindi and English languages so that farmers can easily read and understand the news. We are trying to make it for all regional languages. Our new system is very powerful and helpful in informatics for farmers.

- Market Price (Mandi Bhav): Farmers always want to know about the price of the crop in the market (Mandi). They always want the best cost of crop, so we are providing the best option for farmers. In our portal, farmers can get current market price on daily basis. Kisaan Helpline publishes the price of Dalauda Mandi of Mandsaur district and updates it daily on Facebook and YouTube through videos. To know the approximate prices of all crops, follow our YouTube and Facebook channel.

- Agricultural Training: Kisaan Helpline seeks to educate farmers. We manage a very attractive platform for farmers. In this section, we are arranging all types of agriculture training programs. Users can know all the topics related to agriculture sector. Farming is a very big and profitable sector, that is why we are making a very attractive and suitable program for the farmers. They can get accurate information from here.

- Suggestions and Solutions: Farmers need to share their problems, issues, questions, and suggestions, but they don't know how to raise questions. In this section, farmers can easily raise queries and our expert team will provide answers to all the queries. It is help and support system, farmers can get accurate solutions within time limit.

- Farming Technology: Due to wrong technology, farmers are not able to get the quality of the crop as per expectation and due to this, they are not able to get fair price for the crop. Therefore, the expert team at Kisaan Helpline will provide you the best techniques for farming. Farmers can easily get proper information related to farming techniques. Our experts will provide you with the best tips and learnings. Will they suggest how to do? And why is it beneficial for farming?

- Digital e-Magazine: Kisaan Helpline also provides a digital e-magazine section to help and enhance the knowledge of farmers. Farmers can follow the traditional farming method strategy and get better results in their farming field after reading our online digital magazine. We have a very diverse collection of very rare magazines. Which magazines are not available at any location, online or offline store. Farmers can get the digital magazine through a very easy process. The digital magazine is very supportive of agricultural methods. Our expert agricultural scientists also recommend it for benefits.

- For Agriculture Students: Keeping in mind the farmers as well as the new generation upcoming farmers and agriculture students, we have created a platform for them to share agricultural internships and student experiences, where students can also share their experiences and kisaan helpline can learn a lot.

Note - India's most trusted and accurate online help system for farmers, we do not support any fake news related to farming and agriculture, accuracy of kisaan helpline is 100%.

We have lots of services to help and serve the farmers, please visit Google Play Store - Download Kisaan Helpline Mobile App. Kisan Help APP