Ludwigia Parviflora

Common Name : Water primerose Family : Onagraceae Habit: Stout succulent herb, up to 3 m tall. Stem: Well branched, sometimes woody at the base, usually somewhat reddish, glabrous. Leaves: 2–13 × 0·5–3·5 cm, lanceolate or broadly elliptical, narrowly cuneate at the base, the apex subacute. Flowers: Clustered on short axillary shoots, also bearing reduced leaves; yellow. Fruits: Capsule 10–20 × 1·2 mm, relatively thinwalled, glabrous, terete, light brown, at first thin-walled and torulose, but as the endocarp swells and hardens, becoming smooth; pedicels 0·5–3 mm long. Seeds: 0·6–0·75 × 0·4–0·5 mm, uniseriate in each locule of the capsule, diagonal, brown, obovoid; each seed loosely but completely embedded in an easily detached piece of soft powdery endocarp.

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