Leptochloa chinensis

Common Name : Chinese sprangletop Family : Poaceae Habit: An aquatic or semi-aquatic tufted annual or perennial grass. Stem: Stout to slender, erect or geniculate culms up to 1.5 m tall, often rooting at the lower nodes. Leaves: Leaf-sheath loose, subglaucous, smooth, up to 10 cm long; ligule a fringed, hairy membrane, 1-2 mm long; leaf-blade linear, up to 50 cm x 1 cm, long-attenuate, flat or folded, scabrid above. Flowers: Inflorescence 10-60 cm long, composed of numerous slender racemes scattered along an elongate central axis; racemes flexuous, 2-13 cm long, erect or laxly ascending. Fruits: Spikelets 3-7 flowered, narrowly ellipticaloblong, 2-3 mm, subsessile, often purplish, disarticulating above the glumes and between the florets. Seeds: Caryopsis ellipsoid-oblongoid, 6-9 mm long, brown, smooth or wrinkled.

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