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Wheat (गेहूं)

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Over 2500 years ago, Indian farmers had discovered and begun farming many spices and sugarcane. It was in India, between the sixth and fourth centuries BC, that the Persians, followed by the Greeks, discovered the famous “reeds that produce honey without bees? being grown.

Wheat (गेहूं)

Wheat (गेहूं) is a Rabi Crop. It is main food grain crop in India. It is sowing in October and November and Harvested in February and March. Temperature 20 to 30°C is best for wheat production. Frost at flowering and ripening time is very bad for its production.


Area of Cultivation –

Wheat is cultivated in United State (USA), India, China, Pakistan, Australia, Russia, Canada and many countries production. In India, it is cultivated in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Utter Pradesh (U.P.), Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab.

Sowing –

Wheat is sowing in beginning of winter such as October to November in well-drained soil. It is required 5 to 8 times water in full process form sowing to harvesting. Cooler atmosphere is best for its production.

Wheat (गेहूं) Crop Types

No types available.
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