Chickpeas (चना)

Chickpea is a pulse cash crop. It belongs to Fabaceae family. In India it is known by many different names called Chana, Gram, kadale, harbara, kadalia, chole, buta and many other names.

Producing States
Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Maharashtra are the major growing states of chickpea in India

Favorable Climate
Ideal Climate required is 22’c to 30’c preferred but it can bear up to 10’c to 35’c which depends on atmospheric conditions 

Soil Requirement
Ideal pH required would be between 5.3 to 7.3, and preferable soils are Black, Heavy and sandy soils.

Sowing Time
Mainly it is a winter crop; November to march is preferred season for its sowing

Growing Duration
It requires 3 to 4 month generally but some early variety crop may require some less time also.

Seed is sown by Seed Drill attached to tractor hydraulic and many farmers preferred sowed chickpea throwing by hand manually. 

Some Variety of Chickpea
Desi, Kabuli, Amethyst, Dollar, Moti, Jimbour, Kyabra, Black chickpeas, Chana dal & more.

Average seeds rate would be 50kgs / acre but all depends on the climatic and soil condition.

Water Requirement
Requires 3 to 4 times water at the major stages, excessive water may damage the crop

Manure & Fertilizers
Super Potassium Humate, Neem Oil, DAP, Humic Pro, NPK, Urea & more inputs depending on their land requirement

Post Harvest
When seeds start or may start falling to grounds then it would be harvest

Harvesting is done by hand & combine harvester, it all depends on the method you need to follow.

At proper and healthy condition of seed it would give 15-20 quintal/acre 

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Chickpeas (चना) Crop Types

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