Tribulus terrestris

Common Name : Puncture vine Family : Zygophyllaceae Habit : A more or less pubescent annual herb. Stem : Stem with prostrate or decumbent primary branches up to 1.5 m long radiating from the crown of the taproot. Leaves : Opposite, paripinnate, up to 5.5 cm long, one of each pair usually smaller than the other; leaflets 3-6 pairs, 6-12 mm long, oblong to linear-oblong, with silky hairs on both surfaces, apex mucronate, base rounded oblique. Flowers : Pale-yellow to yellow, 0.7-2 cm in diameter, leaf-opposed, solitary. Fruits : A schizocarp, globose, 1-1.5 cm across, consisting of 5 woody cocci, each with 2 pairs of hard, sharp, divaricate spines, one pair longer than the other. Seeds : Seeds several in each coccus with transverse partitions between them; minute, oblong.

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