Asphodelus Fistulosis

Common Name : Onion weed Family : Liliaceae Habit : An annual, slender herb with a short root stock. Stem : Erect, hollow, cylindrical stem up to 50 cm high, shorter than scape. Leaves : Numerous, all basal, hollow, slender, gradually acuminate to a point, 10 to 40 cm long the base sheathing, smooth to minutely hairy, seeming to rise as a 'bunch' from the soil, usually shorter than scapes. Flowers : Scapes many from the base, much branched, 30-60 cm. Flowers laxly racemose, light purple, with white fading. Fruits : Capsule globose, faintly 3-gonous. Seeds : Triangular ,pitted, black grayish in color, 2-3 mm long, finely and shortly papillose.

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