Dinebra retroflexa

Common Name : Viper grass Family: Poaceae Habit: An annual or perennial grass, up 50 cm or more tall. Stem: Culms usually straggling from a decumbent base, much branched, rooting at nodes, infrequently erect, green or purplish green. Leaves: Linear, 2-2.5 x 0.3-0.5 cm, glabrous or thinly pilose, apex acuminate. Flowers: Inflorescence 6-20 cm long, narrowly ellipticoblong to pyramidal, open raceme 0.5-4 cm, stiff, ascending when young, reflexing and finally decumbent from the axis at maturity, rachis flattened, narrowly winged. Fruits: Spikelets narrowly cuneate.

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