Soybean JS 9560 (सोयाबीन)

सोयाबीन जेएस 9560

Crops Season: Kharif Season (Start from July to June)

Name of Variety: JS 9560

Yield: 25 - 35-40 kg/ acre

Duration: 80 - 90 Days

Area of Cultivation (State) : Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan

Need of Watter: only 2 or 3 times water is sufficient.


* Yellow color grain.

* Oil percentage 20%.

* Protein percentage 40%.


The first additional very early selection JS 9560 launched has actually made effect in the reduced rains as well as upland conditions. It is ideal for chopping series and increase in chopping intensity.

This is resistant to root rot, insect pests and drought. A current release is JS 97-52, which is high yielding, good germ inability and broad adaptable, appropriate for Central Zone and North Eastern Area and also obtaining prominent across the nation.

It wises initially multiple immune selection showing resistance to major conditions as well as insects. It has been discovered tolerant to too much wetness, dry spell condition along with numerous unfavorable environments.

Suitable for, increasing chopping strength, intercropping, reduced rainfall autumn and also upland situations.

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