Solanum elaeagnifolium

Common Name : Silverleaf nightshade Family : Solanaceae Habit : An erect or subscandent annual herb, up to 1m high. Stem : Cylindrical, sparingly branched, with a few bscattered reddish prickles, herbaceous except at the base. Yellow to brown coloured prickles usually occur on the stem and also the main veins of the leaves. Leaves : Dark green to pale greyish green, petiolate, lanceolate, obtuse or acute at the tip, rounded or truncate at the base, with entire or wavy margin. Flowers : The inflorescence is a solitary cyme of 15 - 20 flowers, with long peduncules; flowers bright blue to purple but sometimes white with yellow anthers. Fruits : Irregularly dehiscent berry, initially spherical, green (with white patches) and fleshy, drying and becoming yellow to orange (10-15 mm in diameter) at maturity. Seeds : Smooth, flat, greenish-brown, 2-3 mm in diameter, closely resembling those of tomatoes.

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