हिरनखुरी (Convolvulus Arvensis)

Common Name : Field bindweed Family : Convolvulaceae Habit : A herbaceous perennial growing from a very deep root system. Stem : Shoots develop from adventitious buds on the deep root system at almost any depth down to 1 m. Slender, to 1.5 m long, twining anticlockwise, glabrous or finely pubescent. Leaves : Alternate, petiolate, variable in shape, lanceolate or ovate to narrow-oblong, 1.2-5.0 cm long, acute at the apex, entire but often hastate-sagittate at the base, glabrous or pubescent with scattered crisped hairs. Flowers : White or pink, axillary, solitary, peduncles, 2.5-5 cm long, slender with a pair of small linear bracts at the apex from which the pedicels arise; pedicels 3-25 mm long. Fruit : Capsules 6-8 mm in diameter, globose, glabrous. Seeds: Subtrigonous, dark reddish-brown, glabrous or puberulous.

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