Wheat- जी डब्ल्यू 173(G W 173)
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Wheat- जी डब्ल्यू 173(G W 173)

Crops Season: Rabi Season (पछेती)(Start from December to January )

Name of Variety: जी डब्ल्यू 173

Quantity of Seed: On average, 30-35 kg sowing will be suitable for sowing per acre

Yield: 40-42  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration: 100-105  दिनों में

Area of Cultivation (State) : Sows in all states of India

Need of Water: Irrigation is enough 4 to 5 times 

Key Characteristics: दाना चमकदार, मध्यम कठोर अंबर रंग का सभी रोगों के प्रति सहनशील (Dana tolerant to all diseases of bright, medium rigid amber color)

Feature: शीघ्र पकने वाली, दिसम्बर एवं जनवरी माह के लिये उत्तम। (Quick-ripe, best for December and January months)

Description: Now days, in the event of failure of the farm to evacuate the farmer, the farmers sow it till the last fortnight of December and this sequence continues till January. On average, 125 kg seed per hectare sowing. It would be appropriate to sow the seeds (for late Bonnie, increase the amount of seeds of each type by 25 percent) and the distance of the queue is 18 cm. Keep it.

Late bone is the meaning of irrigated wheat at that time, ie, in the month of November, i.e., in the month of November, in the month of November, we can select the suitable castes and sow it in the month of December.

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