3rd edition Global Vertical Farming Show to be held in New Delhi
3rd edition Global Vertical Farming Show to be held in New Delhi

Vertical farming and smart agriculture are moving quicker than our expectations. One of the leading trade-show, the 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show - scheduled to take place on 29th-30th November at Welcomhotel ITC in New Delhi is bringing the complete vertical farming, CEA and smart agriculture value chain under one roof for two power-packed days in India, Asia's prominent country India. 
Its organizers TAB group are certain and confident that the event will pave the way for sustainable and smart agriculture growth- across the country. 

The previous edition gauged global interest and concluded on a high note. It has not only set a standard but has assisted global vertical farming and other leading industry leaders to win new deals, forge exciting partnerships and strategize new alliances in the region. With the same zeal and zest, there is a huge buzz for this edition too. 

Mohammad Talha Sarwar, Project Manager of the event says “Asia's market is highly receptive towards transforming food-systems by adopting urban agriculture techniques. We are amazed by the responses that, despite the fact that modern farming is as new as any other practice, there is a massive shift in the region, particularly in India, which is also hosting this edition. This time, we have a Canadian company called Qualiplast as our Lead Sponsor, and they are joining us following the previous edition in Dubai. Aside from that, we have Harvest Today, Kokos Flora, Nutrifresh, Urbinati, Wieland Electric, the Association for Vertical Farming - India, etc. on board. ”

Asking about how he feels heading this project, he said “It's been an incredible experience leading this project for the third time. To be honest, everything becomes easier when you have a reliable team working hard in the backend. What's more, the incorporation of new age agricultural techniques is contributing to the resolution of two major issues: Climate Change and Food Insecurity, that I strongly believe need immediate action. The knowledge sharing from the industry experts, policy makers and solution providers derives valuable outcomes through this gathering.” 

Vertical Farming system, the tech-focused alternative is the key to addressing global food challenges in the 21st century and will definitely have positive effects like high-quality nutritious food for one and all. GVF 2022 gives a platform for related businesses  to network with peers and share ideas on new products, technologies and services.

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