मकड़ा घास (Dactyloctenium aegyptium)

Common Name : Crowfoot grass Family : Poaceae Habit: Annual, very variable, grass, 10-44 cm high. Stem: Erect or creeping culms, rooting from the profusely branched nodes. Leaves: Linear, tapering to a fine point, 2-10 cm long and 0.2-0.4 cm wide, flat, glaucous, glabrous or hispid; leaf sheaths striate, the lower whitish; ligules membranous, very short. Flowers: Inflorescence comprised of 2-6 digitate spikes, 0.5-4 cm long, olive-grey; spikelets 2-5 flowered, spreading at right angles, pendulous, strongly striate. Fruits: Grain 0.5-1 mm long, subglobose, reddish, very rugose.

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