सामाघास/वर्नयारड ग्रास बहुवर्षीयसामा घास (Echinochloa crusgalli)

Common Name : Barnyard grass Family: Poaceae Habit: Robust, tufted annual grass, erect or at the base decumbent and rooting at the nodes, 20-150 cm tall. Stem: Culms cylindrical, glabrous, filled with white spongy pith. Leaves: Leaf sheaths glabrous or the margin or the exposed part of it fimbriate, 9-13 cm long. Blades merging into the sheath, linear, with a broad, rounded base and acute top; roughmargined, glabrous or at the base with a few long hairs, smooth or the upper surface minutely bristly. Flowers: Inflorescence an apical panicle of 5-40 spikelike racemes, all turned to one side, with shortly ascending branches, the crowded spikelets at one side only, initially erect, later often bent down, 5-21 cm long. Fruits: Caryopsis ovoid to obovoid, compressed, 1.5-2 mm long.

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