बथुआ कुल खरपतवार (Chenopodium murale L.)

Common Name : Nettle-leaved goosefoot Family : Chenopodiaceae Habit: An erect or prostrate and ascending, bushy, rather stout, herbaceous annual, up to 90 cm high. Stem: Usually branched from the base, branches ascending; glabrous to sparsely farinose. stems occasionally red-striped. Leaves: Alternate along the stems, dark green; 1-10 cm long, 1-5.5 cm wide, deltoid to rhombic-ovate, apex acute or obtuse, base cuneate to truncate or subcordate, margins coarsely and irregularly sinuate-dentate or laciniate. Flowers: Flowers in small glomerules, in lax or dense axillary and terminal, short, cymose panicles, some arising from the lower leaf axils. Flower clusters covered with a mealy substance. Fruits: Utricle with membranous pericarp; pericarp adherent to seed. Seeds: Horizontal, tiny, about 1.5 mm in diameter, lensshaped/disk-shaped, margins acute with conspicuous thin rim, dull black, surface finely, shallowly puncticulate.

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