गेहूँ का मामा (Phalaris minor)

Common Name : Little seed canary grass Family : Poaceae Habit: A tufted annual bunchgrass, up to 1.8 metres in height. Stem: Erect or decumbent, caespitose. Leaves: Leaves long, linear, acuminate. Ligule is an oblong hyaline membrane, about 2-5 mm long, often truncate and/or fringed; auricles absent, sheath smooth. Flowers: Panicle more or less protruding or entirely protruding from the uppermost swollen leaf sheath, ovate to oblong, 5-8 cm long, green. Sikelets green, broadly lanceolate on short pedicels, shining, 4 -6 mm long, strongly laterally compressed.

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