मोथा (Cyperus Esculantus)

Cyperus esculentus is an annual or perennial plant, growing to 90 cm (3 ft) tall, with solitary stems growing from a tuber. The stems are triangular in section and bear slender leaves 3–10 millimetres wide. The spikelets of the plant are distinctive, with a cluster of flat, oval seeds surrounded by four hanging, leaf-like bracts positioned 90 degrees from each other. They are 5 to 30 millimetres long and linear to narrowly elliptic with pointed tips and 8 to 35 florets. The color varies from straw-colored to gold-brown. They can produce up to 2420 seeds per plant. The plant foliage is very tough and fibrous and is often mistaken for a grass. The tubers are 0.3–1.9 cm in diameter and the colors vary between yellow, brown, and black.

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