बडी दुद्धी ( Euphorbia hirta L.)

Common Name : Asthma herb Family : Euphorbiaceae Habit: An erect or procumbent annual herb, 15-50 cm high. Stem: Densely clothed with yellow hairs; branches often 4-angled. Leaves: Opposite, 1.3-3.8 cm long and 0.6-1.6 cm wide, obliquely elliptic, apex acute, base usually unequal-sided, margins serrulate or dentate, hairy, dark green above and pale beneath. Flowers: Numerous, less than 1.3 mm long, crowded in small, globose, greenish-yellow axillary cymes. Fruits: Capsules minute, 1.25 mm in diameter, trigonous, appressed hairy. Seeds: Angular, 0.8 mm long, light reddish-brown.

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