बरू/जंगली ज्वार/ जाँनसन घास (Setaria verticillate)

Common Name : Green foxtail Family: Poaceae Habit : An annual grass. Stem : Erect or spreading, 10 - 100 cm tall or occasionally taller, usually round in crosssection but occasionally much flattened. Leaves : Leaves and leaf sheaths of very young plants often densely hairy but with upward-pointing hair; upper leaf blades and leaf sheaths mostly without hair; margins and both surfaces of leaf blades rough with very fine forward-pointing barbs; leaf sheath split with overlapping margins , both margins being fringed with a band of short hair. Flowers : Very dense spike; 1 - 15 cm long and 0.6 - 2.0 cm wide, usually straight and erect or rarely somewhat curved, the larger ones sometimes with short branches up to 1 cm long, and covered with short green to slightly purplish bristles which give the inflorescence a bottlebrush appearance. Seeds : Rounded on one surface but flattened on the other, finely cross-ridged, and dull yellowish-green with brownish spots.

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