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Mushroom is an Ideal Food Supplement
Mushroom is an Ideal Food Supplement

Mushroom is an Ideal Food Supplement

Jagriti1, Dr. Lal Vijay2, Dr. Amit Singh2

  1. B.Sc. (Ag.), 3rd Year, SIPS, Dehradun
  2. Assistant Professor, Jannayak Chandra Shekhar college , Baliya, U.P.

Mushroom is Edible fungus that provides several important nutrients, the many kind of mushroom have varying composition and nutritional profile.

  1. In 2015 each person in The United states consumed, And average, around 3 pound of mushroom according to agricultural marketing Resource Center.
  2. Beyond the Diet, mushroom features in some type of traditional medicine.
  3. In this article we learn about the nutritional content and possible health benefit of eating mushroom.
  4. Mushroom, a nutrient dense versatile food can share some benefit of fruit and vegetable and compliment almost any every day meal. Mushroom cultivation also require low technology, low investment can be grown in very little space. Due to culinary, nutritional and health benefit the mushroom market benefit, The mushroom market is expected to grow as “a food , a tonic and a medicine”. In the study of food value of mushroom was found comparatively higher than that of other vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.


Mushroom it is A simple form of life known as fungus, which lacks chlorophyll and cannot synthesize its own food. Mushrooms are fleshy, spore bearing fruiting body of fungi Belonging to the subdivision basidiomycotina of the class Hymenomycetes.

Basidiomycetes include many of the familiar fleshy mushrooms. Mushroom represents one of the World’s greatest Untapped resources of nutritious food. Cultivation of sporophytic edible mushroom. Maybe the only currently economical biotechnology for Lignocellulose organic waste recycling that combine the production of protein rich food With the reduction of environmental pollution.

Mushroom is being widely used food and food supplement from ancient time . They are increasingly being recognized as one of the important food items for their significant roles in human health, nutrition and disease.Mushroom are recognized as the alternative source of good quality of protein and are capable of producing the highest quantity of protein per unit area and time from the agro waste.

Mushroom as a source of food- Tropical Milky white mushroom. This mushroom variety was first identified in eastern Indian state of West Bengal and can be cultivated wide variety of substrate at temperature range that is 30 to 38 degrees Celsius.

 Krishna Moorthy, In 1997 rediscovered the fungus from Tamil Nadu, India. Standardized the commercial production technique for 1st time in the world .

There are some examples of edible mushroom

Types of edible mushroom

  1. Oyster mushroom- Pleurotus ostreaus
  2. Button mushroom – Agaricus bisporus
  3.  Milky white mushroom- Calocybe indica
  4.  Ear mushroom- Auriculario spp.
  5. Shittake mushroom- Lentinusedodes
  6. Paddy straw mushroom – Volvariellavolvacea


  1. Many type of mushroom are edible and most provide about the same quantities of the same nutrient per serving regardless of their shape and size
  2. Mushrooms are high value of nutritional food, low carbohydrate, low calorie food.
  3. The tables below shows how of each nutrient a 96 gram cup of a whole raw mushroom provide.



   Amount          of nutrients   in 1 cup of mushroom




1.Energy (calorie) 





2. Protein(g)





3. Carbohydrate

4. Calcium

 5. Iron( mg)

6.Magnesium( mg)

7. Phosphorus(mg)

8. Sodium(mg)

9. Zinc ( mg)

10. Copper (mg)

11. Salenium (mg)

12. Vitamin C (mg)

13. Vitamin D(mg)

14. Folate

15. Niacin

16. Choline (mg)





















Mushroom also contain a number of B vitamin including Thymine, Riboflavin .B-6 and B-12

B vitamin help the body get energy from food and form red blood cell. A number of vitamin also appeared to important for healthy brain.

The choline in mushroom can help with muscle movement, learning and memory.

Choline Assist. In maintaining and playing a role in the transmission of nerve impulses.

Mushroom also the only vegan notified dietary source of vitamin D.

Several other mineral that may be difficult to obtain from vegan diet such as selenium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus are available in mushroom.

  • Salenium anantioxidants can keep body free of disease and cancer. Selenium also promotes a strong immune system.
  • Mushrooms are the richest source of salenium. This is a especially good news for vegetarians since selenium is often found in animal food.

 Copper– Copper keeps our bones and nerves healthy and also helps the cell which carries oxygen throughout the body.

Potassium- It helped to control blood pressure since it helped to maintain normal fluid mineral balance. It also helps the nerves, the heart and others muscle function normally.

Fiber- Mushroom contains good quality fibre. It helps in lowering the cholesterol. Fresh mushroom contain, both soluble insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber is mainly beta-glucan, and chitosans, which are component of the cell wall. Soluble fibre has been shown to help prevent and manage cardiovascular disease by lowering total LDL cholesterol levels.

It’s also helps to regulate blood sugar level

Possible health risk – Wild mushroom can make a tasty dish, but the toxin in some mushroom can trigger the fatal health issue. Some wild mushrooms also contain high level of heavy metal harmful chemical.

  • To avoid these danger only consume mushroom from reliable source.
  • Poisonous mushroom possess pointed cap
  • Absence of worm or insect, brightly coloured unpleasant odour, the colour of the fruiting body turns dark on breakage (light purple).


Considering the above discussion, it is mentioned that mushroom is nutrient dense, versatile food. It is a treasure for nutrients. And can substantiate. The suffering from malnutrition to some extent. It contain more protein, in comparison to other animal and plant food, low carbohydrate and that too is not in the form of search rather than in the form of glycongen zero fat and adequate vitamin and mineral. This is higher than the vegetables and fruit and is of superior quality. They are good source of high quality fiber and low calorie food. So mushroom is an alternative rich source of meat, fish, and vegetable. Fruit it is there is a greater scope to use mushroom as an alternative food and ensure that food security for the people. Thus mushroom is an ideal food supplement, especially in our dense populated country.