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2017-12-22 12:33:45


Name of scheme
15 days short term fruit preservation training under non plan-side

        Production of fruits and vegetables is increasing day-by-day in the state but due to absence of a simple food processing technology a very large portion (about 30 to 40%) gets decayed. Production of fruits and vegetables is in big volumes in particular seasons whereas in off-season they get dearer. At times when fruits and vegetables arrive in market in large volume, farmers do not get even the cost price of their produce. To use the availability of such fruits and vegetables all the year around, short term fruit preservation program are being conducted at 77 community fruit preservation centers in the state with an objective of preserving and making tasty preserved food items by scientific methods.

The objective of the scheme is as follows:

•            To spread the importance of food processing among general public.
•            To prevent decay of fruits and vegetables by simple techniques.
•            To help farmers get fair price of their produce by publicizing the knowledge of food processing.
•            To disseminate knowledge of fruit and vegetable processing subject at student’s level so to develop interest in food technology among them.

Area of the scheme
All districts of the state.

Eligibility under the scheme
Literate candidates shall be eligible for the program.

Application procedure
      Interested individuals would apply on the given format (Annexure – 1) and submit it along with relevant documents to the in-charge of district’s Government Community Fruit Preservation and Training Center. Admission related advertisement will be uploaded on the departmental website-
      In case of reserved category candidates being not available, applications will be invited again by advertisement and the selection procedure will be conducted as per rules.

Selection procedure:
Selection will be made on first come-first serve basis after listing of application forms.

Number of trainees
Per program – 30.

Duration of training:
15 days

Training fees:
Rs 20.00 per candidate.

Periodical progress:
A total of 25,229 candidates were imparted training under this scheme during 2015-16.

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