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Maun Palan Scheme

Beekeeping is an efficient subsidiary cottage business. Bees produce the hygienic food product i.e., Honey. Besides this they also provide wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and toxic poison and increase production in all Audhyanik Crops by doing cross pollination. Program of beekeeping is being operated in various 15 districts of state by the department, with the motive to promote beekeeping, for business purpose among the farmers of states.

Centre- 1 .Allahabad 2.Saharnpur 3.Basti 4.Moradabad

Sub-centre – 1. Lucknow 2.Allahabad 3. Gorakhpur 4.Agra 5. Bareilly 6. Varanasi 7.Sultanpur 8.Ghazipur 9. Jaunpur 10.Faizabad 11.Kanpur Nagar 12. Azamgarh
      Beekeeping centres are established in Allahabad, Saharnpur, Basti and Moradabad districts. At these centres training is being provided to farmers/beekeepers by organising one long-term and three short term training sessions in a year. This training is organised free of cost by the department. All the trainees participating in the training have to arrange their fooding and lodging on their own.
1- Long-term Training Session:
This training session is conducted for three months (90 days, from 16 September to 15 December). On the completion of training session, under the supervision of experts, theoretical and practical examinations are conducted. After the completion of training session, trainees who have achieved 60 percent marks or more in written exam are rewarded with certificate for the same. Trainees, who have achieved marks less than 60% are declared as unsuccessful and no certificate is issued to them.
2- Short-term Training Session:
This training session is conducted for 45 days. This training session is held from 16 December to 31 January, from 01 February to 15 March and from 02 April to 16 May. On the completion of training session, under the supervision of experts, theoretical and practical examinations are conducted. All trainees who have achieved 60% marks or above are issued with a certificate for the same.

Casual Beekeeping Training:
In four districts of state i.e., Saharanpur, Basti, Allahabad and Moradabad our centres are established and in 12 districts i.e., Lucknow, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Agra, Varanasi, Bareilly, Sultanpur, Kanpur Nagar, Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Faizabad, Azamgarh our sub-centres are established, where 06 days casual beekeeping training program is conducted by establishing camps through which beekeepers/farmers are made aware of the

Admission Process and Application Form:
Application form for admission are available on respective centres in specified formats in which name, father's/husband's name, address, educational qualification, age and attested copy of character by two honourees will be attached. This should be forwarded to Controlling Officer of respective training centre directly or through District Horticulture Officer. Approval and information of admission will be received from above mentioned officers.

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