Mustard (सरसों)

Mustard is Rabi crop and it is sowing in winter season. Mustard is cultivated in October to November month. It is required 3 to 5 time water form cultivation to harvesting. It is harvesting in 3 to 4 month in February to March month. It used in spices and mustard oil. It is required well-drained soil. It also called Sarson and Raya in Hindi language in India.

Area of Cultivation –

Mustard is cultivated in India, China, Canada, France and many other countries. In India, it is cultivated in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.), Rajasthan, Haryana, Utter Pradesh, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh (H.P.).

Sowing –


Mustard is sowing in beginning of winter month such as October and November in well-drained soil.

Mustard (सरसों) Crop Types

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