NRC 7 Soyabean (एन आर सी ७ )

एन आर सी  ७

Crops Season: Kharif Season (Start from July to June)

Name of Variety: NRC 7

Yield: 25 - 35 q/ha

Duration: 90 - 100 Days

Area of Cultivation (State) : Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan

Need of Watter: only 2 or 3 times water is sufficient.


* Yellow color grain.

* Oil percentage 29%.


NRC 7 Soybean planted in June and July month as well as gathered in October month. NRC 7 Soybean ought to be harvested, when leaves beginning falling and shucks look dry, yet prior to being dried out entirely. The moisture in the seeds at the time of collecting ought to not be greater than 14 percent. Gathering just before maturity indicates a low return and a higher proportion of premature seeds, poor quality as well as more opportunities of disease assault during storage of grain.

Postpone in collecting lead to grain shattering and splitting of grains in the sheaths as well as exposure to insects, rodents, birds and parasites strike. Avoid collecting during wet climate. Collecting ought to be done by taking on correct technique.

Secure the harvested grains from rainfall as well as too much condensation by covering. Keep the collected grains independently for each assortment, to obtain true to kind range seed. Dry gathered plant for 8-10 days at the threshing flooring. Avoid direct sunlight drying out and extreme drying, which causes a boost in breakage of the grains.

During delayed Threshing, maintain the collected Soybean in a dry and unethical area, which helps with the air blood circulation and also prevents extreme heating. Transport the grain in bags, which decreases the grain losses. Stay clear of too much article harvest handling to reduce the grain losses. Pack the Soybean in sound Twill jute bags quite free from any contamination.

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