Soybean - JS 75-46
Soybean - JS 75-46

Soybean - JS 75-46

Crops Season : Kharif Season 

Name of Variety : JS 75-46

Yield : 25-30  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration : 100-106 दिनों में

Water requirement : Water is not required in kharif season, but it is necessary to require 1 or 2 irrigation as per requirement.

Area of Cultivation (State) : Central zone

Specialty : Tolerant to bacterial pustules, tolerant to Macropho-mina

Shape and type : Purple flowers, tawny pubescence, pods with dense brown pubescence, yellow seed coat, light brown hilum, determinate, highly shattering.

Description : Soybean cultivation can be successfully done in all types of land, except for more lightly and lightly ground, but the smooth loam with the drainage of water is more suitable for soybean. Do not take soybeans wherever the water in the fields stops. Soybean crops require dry hot climates, its seeds are deposited in 25 D.s. in 4 days, whereas when it is low temperature, it takes about 8 to 10 days in the setting of seeds. Therefore 60-65 cm for soybean cultivation Rainwater spaces are considered suitable.

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