Soybean - Hardee
Soybean - Hardee

Soybean - Hardee

Crops Season : Kharif Season 

Name of Variety : Hardee

Yield : 15-20  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration : 105-110 दिनों में

Water requirement : Water is not required in kharif season, but it is necessary to require 1 or 2 irrigation as per requirement.

Area of Cultivation (State) : Southern zone

Specialty : Fairly tolerant to bacterial pustules, susceptible to yellow mosaic

Shape and type : White flowers, grey pubescence, yellow seed coat, rosy hilum, determinate and suitable for inter cropping

Description :  Full-season varieties make maximum use of the growing season and maximize yield. In white hilum type specialty soybean, shorter-season varieties help ensures quality at harvest. Soybean of 105 to 120 days maturity is preferred in North plains. Central and South India takes varieties of 85 to 100 days maturity.

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