Soybean Co-1
Soybean Co-1

Soybean Co-1

Crops Season : Kharif Season 

Name of Variety : Co-1

Yield : 17-20  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration : 85-90 दिनों में

Water requirement : Water is not required in kharif season, but it is necessary to require 1 or 2 irrigation as per requirement.

Area of Cultivation (State) : Tamil Nadu

Specialty : Resistant to stem fly & pod borer, moderately resistant to YMV.

Shape and type : Purple flowers, creamy yellow seed coat, relatively low hull and linolenic acid content, determinate.

Description : Most of the soybean varieties we offer have become quite rare and are no longer being grown on a commercial scale. Supplies are therefore extremely limited and we sell out quickly. Originating in Northern China thousands of years ago, soy is one of the first cultivated crops. Some information indicates that it was being grown as early as 11,000 B.C. and it has been an important food crop throughout Asia ever since. Soy was domesticated, selected and bred for specific traits resulting in a huge diversity of varieties and subsequent uses. Some of the classical foods that have resulted are tofu, edamame, tempeh, miso, natto, kinako, and tamari.

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