Wheat - एच.आई. 1479 (स्वर्णा) H.I. 1479
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Wheat - एच.आई. 1479 (स्वर्णा) H.I. 1479

Crops Season: Rabi Season (समय से बोनी)(Start from 10 - 25 November)

Name of Variety: एच.आई. 1479 (स्वर्णा)

Quantity of Seed: On average, 30-35 kg sowing will be suitable for sowing per acre

Yield: 55-60  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration: 115-120 दिनों में

Area of Cultivation (State): Sows in all states of India

A need for Water: Irrigation is enough 3 to 4 times 

Key Characteristics: दाना शरबती, चमकदार, मध्यम आकार का रोगों के प्रति सहनशील(Dana Sharbati, tolerant towards shiny, medium-sized diseases)

Feature: Good for chapati

Description: 2-3 cm when planting seeds Should be sown in depth, which provides adequate moisture for germination. The distance of the queue from the queue is 20 cm Should keep The average amount of seed for this is 100 kg/ha. Keep the quantity according to the size of the seed or the size of the queue and the distance of the queue is 18 cm. Keep it.

Most of the species producing Bonnie and more species of Mexican wheat are better for planting time and late for irrigated conditions.

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