Wheat - एच. डब्ल्यू 2004 (अमर) (H.W 2004)
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Wheat - एच. डब्ल्यू 2004 (अमर) (H.W 2004)

Crops Season: Rabi Season (अगेती)(Start from 15 October to 31 October)

Name of Variety: एच. डब्ल्यू 2004 (अमर)

A quantity of Seed: On average, 30-35 kg sowing will be suitable for sowing per acre

Yield: 16-18  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration: 135-140 दिनों में

Area of Cultivation (State): Sows in all states of India

The need for Water:  Rainfall

Key Characteristics: यह जाति सी -306 के सुधार द्वारा विकसित की गई हैं। उंची प्रजाति है, दाना चमकदार बड़ा एवं आकर्षक होता हैं। बीमारियों के प्रति सहनशील ।(This caste has been developed by the reform of C-306. There are a high species, the dana is bright and attractive. Tolerant to diseases) 

Feature: Suitable for chapati, 30-32 quint/ha production in the semi-condensed state. Can be obtained.

Description:- There are also some areas in un-irrigated areas where one or two irrigation tools are available. In such a case, the wheat bunny can be delayed in these un-irrigated areas. Good castes have developed for unincorporated areas, which are superior to them in diseases and quality, as well as the ability to bear more heat and less moisture in these varieties.

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