Soybean - PK-564
Soybean - PK-564

Soybean - PK-564

Crops Season : Kharif Season 

Name of Variety : PK-564

Yield : 30-35  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration : 105-115 दिनों में

Water requirement : Water is not required in kharif season, but it is necessary to require 1 or 2 irrigation as per requirement.

Area of Cultivation (State) : Northern plain zone

Specialty : Resistant to YMV and bacterial pustules, tolerant to Rhizoctonia.

Shape and type : White flowers, tawny pubescence, yellow seed coat, dark brown hilum, determinate and sturdy plant type.

Description : Prior to sowing seeds in soybean, treated with biofertilizers named Rhizobium is beneficial. On average one kg Seed requires 15-20 grams of organic fertilizer for 400-150 grams of organic fertilizer for seeds engaged in one acre (20 grooves), there is adequate vaccination for vaccination. 30kg required for one acre land 200-300 ml for the treatment of seeds Boil 25-30 grams of jaggery in water and boil it once. After the cooling of this solution, add 400-500 gm organic fertilizers in it. Put the seeds in the shade on a fixed floor or polythene sheet and make a pile. Slowly on these seeds, gradually pouring solution of bio fertilizer by mixing them with hands until all the seeds have a uniform bio fertilizer layer. After drying treated seeds dry 15-20 minutes in the shade, sow it immediately. 100 ml for the use of liquid (lycid) rhizobium The quantity of 30kg in one acre Suitable for the treatment of seeds. Use of this also is 100 ml. The seeds are vaccinated by the above method by mixing in water.

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