Soybean - Kalitur
Soybean - Kalitur

Soybean - Kalitur

Crops Season : Kharif Season 

Name of Variety : Kalitur

Yield : 18-20  (क्विं. प्रति हे.)

Duration : 120-130 दिनों में

Water requirement : Water is not required in kharif season, but it is necessary to require 1 or 2 irrigation as per requirement.

Area of Cultivation (State) : Madhya Pradesh and Bundhelkhand region of M.P.

Specialty : Susceptible to soybean mosaic, tolerant to bacterial pustules

Shape and type : Purple flowers, tawny pubescen, black seed coat, black hilum, small seeded semi indeterminate

Description : Different varieties have been developed for agricultural climate and soil and varieties have been supported. According to that soybean varieties should be sown. These varieties can be brought into use by bringing a little bit of seeds and enhancing it here. Due to the Kharif season crop, soybean generally does not require irrigation. If the moisture is not sufficient in the field during the filling of beans in beans ie in the month of September, one or two light irrigation is beneficial for soybean production.

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