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Our Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision:

  • To improve the financial condition of farmers, so they must sow a crop which has a value of more than RS 50 per kg.
  • They should adopt mixed cropping to remain financially stable in case of non favorable climate.
  • They should reduce the inorganic chemicals fertilizers which drastically harm their soil.
  • They should be aware of Mandi Bhav before selling the seeds.
  • They should adopt organic farming which reduces their input cost and provide high yielding.
  • They should apply for soil testing and use the ingredients which are required by soil not what market recommend.
  • They should moreover use carbon based content because these contains are mainly a byproduct of Plant Extract & Animal Extract.
  • Financially Stable farmers may adopt micro irrigation to save water for the poor farmers who cannot afford drip irrigation & sprinklers etc.
  • Always consult & keep in touch with Gram Sevak and Krishi Mitra before any final implementation.
  • For credit facilities do not buy what shopkeeper recommends you, either try to understand the ingredients or consult with Agro clinics.
  • Uneducated & illiterate farmers should take advice of educated and genuine farmers before taking any decision.
  • Don’t sow the only crop which is beneficial last year, because present year bulk production can suddenly reduce in cost.
  • Awareness of new farming methods.
  • Guide about latest agro equipments which help crops to sustain more yielding.
  • Farmers should about cash crops to boycott the merchants which use harmful chemicals to produce fruits & vegetable sooner to get more profit.
  • Make farmer aware of all facilities of NABARD.
  • Advice to all farmers not only they can earn from land but they can earn on the uncultivated land.
  • Increasing Knowledge and Awareness Among Farmers to Enhance the Production and Productivity.

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